makoto of danganronpa’s

One of Danganronpa’s main characters. Makoto is a student with japanese hoodie in the Academy Hope’s Peak’s 78th class, and he is known as the “Ultimate Lucky Student” because he was chosen at random from among thousands of other students. Lui and his classmates become victims of the death school and are forced to survive as his classmates attempt to escape by assassinating one another. Finally, he manages to escape Hope’s Peak with the help of five other classmates by destroying the school’s brain.

japanese hoodie

After escaping, Makoto and his friends join the Foundation for the Future, an organization whose mission is to put an end to the Ultimate Despair and restore world peace. He rejoins the 14th division and helps put an end to the Towa City conflict, reuniting with his little son Komaru at the same time. It all comes down to Junko giving a brain lavage to the 77-B class, now known as ” Remnants of Despair “, in order for them to continue pursuing the goals of the Ultimate Despair. Makoto is able to control them and send them to the island of Jabberwock to be rehabilitated, restoring their original personalities.

He then takes part in the final game of death, thus putting an end to the Ultimate Despair once and for all and restoring world peace. He then decides to rebuild the Pic de l’Espoir in order to turn it into a true school, and he takes over as its new director.

Makoto is the most important character in the Danganronpa series, appearing in several major titles and serving as one of the protagonists of the animated sequel to the first two games.

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