Rent japanese dvd

Tsutaya Discas, DVD renting, is a good idea.

This explanation of Tsutaya Discas’ DVD rental business may be found on Cable’s blog.
Tsutaya is Japan’s largest DVD rental store chain (in terms of store count). Tsutaya Discas offers monthly DVD subscriptions of 4, 8, or 16 DVDs. One pays a set amount (for example, 1974 JPY (16.6 Euro) for eight DVDs) and can rent up to eight DVDs or Blu-Ray discs per month, including new releases.
You can make a list of the DVDs you want to rent on the website, in priority order. Tsutaya sends two of them in the mail. We return them by mail once we’ve finished viewing them. Tsutaya then sends us the following two DVDs on our list. In one way or another, the delivery period is quite quick (the next day), at least for Tokyo and the three bordering prefectures. Even on weekends, delivery and reception are feasible.
On, a video presentation of the service is also available.